About Pacific Dustless Blasting Inc



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Pacific Dustless Blasting Inc is a professional surface preparation

and coatings removal company that offer our valued customers

over a decade and a half of overseas and local experience, this enables

PDB Inc to offer the best possible customer service and professionalism

on the job.


Our operations are mobile using only the best equipment available in the market. Equipment that is manned by a highly experienced crew of surface preparation technicians. Being mobile allows us to take on surface preparation, removal and restoration projects anywhere.


The advantage of choosing Pacific Dustless Blasting:


  • We are mobile

  • $ 5 000 000 insurance for any workplace or project

  • Worksafe BC compliant with all necessary tickets in place

  • We offer complete surface prep solutions.

  • We specialize in complex projects and site containment

  • We can handle medium to large scale projects

  • Our teams are highly specialized 

  • Our machines use only environmentally friendly abrasives

  • Our shot blasters are 99.9% dust free

  • Our dustless blasters encapsulate the coating being removed

  • Our ride on tile scrapers are battery powered eliminating C02 issues 


For Metro Vancouver and beyond depending on project type and size.

PBD is a logical choice for surface restoration and coating removal projects.


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Pacific Dustless Blasting Inc believes that sustainable company growth should be attained in the greenest and cleanest form possible. PDB Inc

does not skimp on quality of our machines or workmanship and in turn offer:


  • Up to 15 times less water with vapour blasting

  • No chemicals used

  • Safe for the environment

  • New Canadian and US made equipment that are energy compliant 

  • We use far less abrasive media than traditional blasting

  • Tier 4 final equipment that are cleaner for the environment 

  • Battery powered equipment

  • High end dust collectors that are all hepa equipped. 

  • No toxic metals

  • Hepa filters are used on 99 percent of our equipment

  • Our Blastrac shot blasters contain 99.9% of dust generated

  • Equipment & process is ASME/PED/CE/QPL/CARB/EPA approved

  • We recycle whatever we can