Grinding & Polishing

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Grinding & Polishing

Polished concrete is a multi-step process where a concrete floor is mechanically ground, honed and polished with bonded abrasives in order to cut a concrete floor's surface. It is then refined with each cut in order to achieve a specified level of appearance.

This process also includes the use of a penetrant chemical known as a hardener. The concrete densifier/hardener penetrates into the concrete and creates a chemical reaction to help harden and dust-proof the surface.

During concrete polishing, the surface is processed through a series of steps (in general a minimum of 4 grinding steps of processing is considered polished concrete) utilizing progressively finer grinding tools. The grinding tools are progressive grits of industrial diamonds in a bonded material such as metal/hybrid/resin often referred to as diamond polishing pads.

Polished concrete is a "green" flooring system and LEED approved.[1] Concrete is not considered polished before 1600 grit, and it is normally finished to either the 1600, or 3000+ grit level.

There are four levels of Polishing

and four levels of Exposure

Level 1 - Flat / Ground
Level 2 - Satin / Honed
Level 3 - Semi / Polished
Level 4 - Highly polished
Large aggregate finish
Medium aggregate finish
Salt and pepper finish
Light sand / cream finish