Solution Based Operations

PDB specializes in Coating RemovalsFlooring RemovalsSurface PreparationConcrete DemoMohs High Wear Epoxy ApplicationsGrinding and Polishing
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A little About Us

Starting with a single machine and trailer; PDB now has amassed close to $1,000,000 of varying specialized tooling in order to tackle all of the challenges our clients face.

Given the dynamic nature of job sites and their abundant complications. We found that taking a solutions based approach enabled an easier more stress free environment for our crews and site supers.

We are known in the industry for this proactive mindset along with our dedication to being as dustless as possible.

What We can do for you

PDB’s technicians specialize in:

Attaining SSPC / CSP Levels Required by NACE
Removing Coatings Off Almost Any Material
High Wear Epoxy Systems
Surface Preparation
Grinding and Polishing
Concrete Demolition and Removal
Flooring Removals
Rainout Slab Fixes
Concrete Restoration

Our versatility, methods, experience and arsenal of professional equipment enable our team to take on a myriad of projects ranging from standard to highly intricate complex projects where numerous removal techniques are required.

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