- Thanks PDB.

We used these guys to remove 7000 sq ft of epoxy coating that had been applied to a gym floor on top of a concrete surface 25 yrs ago. The building was a challenge to bring their equipment in to do the job but they entered with no mess or damage to the walls or flooring. Once they had completed the job they left in the same manner and there was no evidence they had even been in our building except for the finished surface which exceeded all our expectations. I would not hesitate to have PDB back for future jobs. - Steve@The Broadway Church

Hey PDB,

Just wanted to send you a note about your guys on site. Just wanted to say that your foreman was very professional and the guys on his crew were accommodating and worked hard during the times I was on site. They were energetic and I was very happy with their conduct on site. They did a great job! Just wanted to give them a shout out! Cheers, Ante@WhiteStar ltd

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