Mohs High Wear Flooring

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Mohs High Wear Flooring

It’s the 80/20 rule. A parkade may be less than 20% of your floor area of your building and can consume 80% of your maintenance and repair budget over the service life of a building.

That 80% you spend feeds an entire industry that conducts condition surveys, repairs concrete damaged by corrosion, fixes leaks and removes and replaces traffic deck membranes many times over the service life of a building.

At PDB, we are only interested in what is rugged, dependable and durable.

That’s why we offer a cost effective system that is derived from systems specified by a very demanding, frugal group of people with high expectations – State Highway Bridge Engineers.
It’s a game changer for those of you that care about the life cycle and annual maintenance cost of parkades.

Want to hear more? Please call us an we can walk you through the business case, the features and benefits of Mohs® High Wear Traffic Deck.

Most of the benefits of Warhorse high wear mohs flooring relate to the owner

Re-finishability – simply shotblast the surface and re-apply the topcoat
Five-year standard bond warranty, extensions on a case by case basis
Color coded wear surfacing to indicate wear patterns on your floo
Slip resistance that increases with wear due to high wear aggregates built into the floor system being exposed
Wide range of customizable options for chemical resistance
Extremely hard armored aggregates that stand up to extremely heavy traffic
Great ROI, Lowest cost option based on the outstanding service life and reduced maintenance requirements.
At the end of the service life can be covered by concrete, toppings, tile etc. rather than removed.

Constructability Impacts

Benefits to the designer / specifier